I am a beautiful person. 

I earnestly believe this. I  am awesome. I am impecable. I am just like any other person in looks and thoughts but I still stand out. I too have dealt with issues which made me go berserk but I held on and made out of the harrowing dark passages of my life. And in this too I am similar to you all readers. 

Lately, depression has been trending among us. I used to employ this word nonchalantly in my conversations but now I know it is not to be fiddled with. It is a serious illness that needs proper medical attention. Imagine a person loosing complete faith in his abilities and those of the almighty . I mean , if we ever feel low we look up to someone who possibly brings our spirits up or pray , show extreme belief in the powers of God. Now a depressed person is incapable of looking on the positive side of his/her life. Hence, he/she must be helped.

I am an anxious soul. I get apprehensive about the most trifling of all situations but am hoping that there are millions like me and we do manage well..in the end we do emerge invincible.

people getting into depression due to their scores is the saddest thing our education system could teach us. This is one system that clearly needs a makeover. And so does people’s views . Intelligence is not scoring above 95 and a piece of result is not going to determine your future. There have been so many men of emminence who dropped outand yet made it big . That said they had talents by their side. Find your own. And there are so many newer vistas opening out to our youth . So science or no science , you will rock your world nevertheless. Kuch na kuch to ban hi jaogee.


Outrage For The Day 7/5/17

Movements are so misleading. Feminism has been going on since a long time such that everyone draws a diff meaning out of it. But what it certainly is not about is hatret towards men. Men are important and their behaviour is not to be generalised. So it is not that we girls run the world , men , transgenders , bi-sexuals all do that for themselves just like we ladies do that. Also, as many have echoed before-feminism is about equality-and  not about creating further more stereotypes. One thing that people need to instill into their heads is that we must allow a person’s right to be exercised. Stop creating furthermore stereotypes for women and men as well.  Broaden not just your shoulders in the gym but your thinking too. Petrarchy needs to be eleminated. It has been stiffling many for just too long.a woman talking about her sexuality , her sexual preferences or anything related to sex must not raise eyebrows anymore. We are not made of plastic we too have desires and the right to get them fulfilled whenever, where ever, however we desire. so whether it is the twentieth cent.or the sixteenth it was always wrong to supress a being’s desires under various principles and if they have not been done away with they must be for it is stiffling to see people still abiding by them.

wrote this since I wanted to put my thoughts before you readers and also to show people who have long been pressing for changes that there are many individuals who opine the same views as you do and the world is inhabited by rational beings.

as I mentioned earlier my thoughts have been put in a disgustingly haphazard manner but to me they still make sense hope they do the same to you and for the rest they bring your’s (sense) back..